Smart separation systems for process industry

Polaris provides customized solutions based on advanced and proprietary technologies.


Always oriented to innovation of technologies and processes

Each case submitted by customers is studied looking for an optimal solution in terms of costs and benefits, evaluating the specific conditions and the actual goals. The innovative mentality of the company has lead to development of several new technologies and international patents. Polaris has established a facility with several pilot plants for on-site tests, in order to check the suitability of some applications and to look for optimal design conditions.

Project Management

Project Management

Even maintaining the nature of engineering company, Polaris is well structured for management of projects for turn-key systems supply.
The structure is flexible and able to manage jobs at different level, and contracts having different scopes and features, engineering services supply as well as turn-key plants supply. For each project, very promptly all engineering activities are programmed, from the conceptual design to the construction and testing steps, thus complying with the agreements taken with the customers as far as timing, costs, standards and procedures are concerned. Polaris has particularly developed the techniques of design and construction of prefabricated systems, also with significant dimensions. With such approach, Polaris is able to supply the customers in all countries with complete plants with a big reduction of:

  • costs
  • construction and erection time
  • difficulties deriving from presence of works at customer site
  • errors deriving from more difficulties in tests

Project Achievement

The construction is made through Polaris Works (company of Polaris group), while all other activities are directly carried out by Polaris personnel, like:

  • design
  • purchasing
  • tests
  • development and programming of control systems
  • precommissioning and start-up

In order to guarantee better assistance after installation and start-up of plants, these are equipped with telemetry systems, which can be connected via modem to Polaris central station, from where the functioning can be checked. Between various services offered, also contracts for plant maintenance are included.