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Several years in project

Thanks to the experience maturated during several years in project and plant operation activities inside primary chemical companies, the Polaris technicians have successfully developed many applications in several fields of process industry. The innovative mentality and the constant research for optimal solution for each situation has allowed the realisation of systems with different processes, many times starting from laboratory data and developing the specific process in collaboration with the client. The intervention of Polaris, often based on confidentiality agreement, allowed the identification of new opportunities and solutions for various operating problems. For each case Polaris looks for the more adequate technologies, checks its suitability in terms of costs/benefits ratio, optimises with the customer the plant configuration also considering the operational aspects, finally proposes the solution that results as optimal in this preliminary analysis.
With this philosophy, even without a large commercial structure and marketing activities, but only thanks to positive references of commissioned systems, Polaris has received many times the customer preference in several fields of process industry, for new plants as well as for revamping or optimisation of existing plants. In fact it is known that in production processes many opportunities coming from technological development can be found, even with minor entity but effective, introduced in some critical phases, thus allowing yield increase, quality improvement, production increase. Sometimes it is possible to find advantageous solutions for environmental problems. In some cases the points for intervention are already evident and defined by the production plant managers, but in other cases the external critical contribution that Polaris can offer can be significant for analysis of some phases of the production path and of the adopted technologies.

Typical applications