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Project Description

Polaris has developed a process for the purification of gases at low temperature, based on cryogenic distillation in two columns in series (one for more lighter compounds and the other for heavier compounds). The utilities for heating and cooling are supplied through an auxiliary nitrogen circuit, which, at different pressure levels, is condensed in the reboilers and evaporated in the condensers. The process is continuous and completely automated. The system can be combined with several typologies of pretreatment depending on the pollutants to be removed preliminarily.
Possible applications of cryogenic distillation are:

– production of ultrapure gases
– argon recovery/purification
– oxygen recovery/purification
– carbon monoxide purification
– light hydrocarbons recovery/purification

Advantages of the process:

– low utilities consumption
– relatively low investment cost
– possible integration with the local existing nitrogen network
– the economicity of the system makes it applicable also for relatively low flow-rates (50 – 100 Nm3/h)